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...is the key to promote products and to bring movement into discussions. The hemp plant is currently experiencing a renaissance as a raw material for many industries. Many countries are taking the path of decriminalisation or, like Canada, are legalising the entire market for products of the cannabis sector. This is accompanied by progressive regulation and the formation of guidelines to protect consumers. But also beyond the political discussion in traditional media, the number of experts from medicine, research and industry is increasing.

As examples of this professionalisation in the handling of hemp products in Austria, several publications can already be found. Especially the field of medicine stands out in Austria with its contributions. For example, Dr. Kurt Blaas published the book "Cannabis Medicine - A Practical Guide for Patients"* in 2017.

Also in 2017, Dr. Patrick Thurner was interviewed by the Kleine Zeitung on the subject of cannabis. Since then, the general practitioner and part-time farmer has co-authored two books ("Healing Hemp"*; "The Hemp Diet"*).

Only recently, in March 2019, Dr. Iris Pleyer explained the advantages and potentials of CBD in detail in her book "Cannabidiol - A natural remedy for hemp"*.


We are proud to announce that Dr. Pleyer will give a presentation on cannabidiol at the GRAND GREEN Symposium.


*Please consider that the mentioned book are not available in english, titles are translated.


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