Hemp Building Materials

building materials

The hemp fibre is extremely strong and resistant. Because of these properties and especially because of its long life, hemp fibre has been rediscovered as a basic material for building materials. The fields of application are in the traditional building sector, but also in interior construction and interior design. The use of building materials from hemp is regarded as very ecological and not harmful to health, not at least because hemp is a pure natural product and the addition of health-endangering additives is dispensed with. The experience in handling these building materials shows further that materials from hemp fibers represent an obstacle for pests in the building of houses, since hemp isn't a relevant food for mice, rats, beetles and other animal house visitors.

In the classical building sector, building materials made of hemp are often used for thermal insulation, sound insulation, brick building materials and solutions for moisture regulation. The hemp fibre can easily be combined with diffusion-open materials such as wood, concrete and bricks, whereby building materials made of hemp show favourable properties for further processing.

In the field of interior construction, hemp materials are used for thermal insulation, sound insulation, impact sound insulation, fire protection, thermal insulation, regulation of indoor humidity, as carpets, wallpapers and floors. Even complete hemp furniture is produced and offered on the market.

Clearly known advantages of hemp building materials are:

high tensile strength
very good sound absorption
long service life under normal conditions
high fire resistance (materials for fire protection class B1)
diffusion open for problem-free connection with other materials
not hazardous to health during processing and in habitats
hemp grows back quickly and almost the entire plant can be processed
the production and processing is low-energy
pest minimizing, as not suitable as food and not for nest construction

Hemp building materials can be purchased directly from manufacturers, in specialist shops and meanwhile also from DIY stores.

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