Hemp Cosmetic

No more irritations!


Hemp is a natural product that contains EFAs that nourish the skin and has many benefits that can be easily applied in the cosmetics industry. Another feature of these products is that hemp cosmetics have an ideal pH value and are therefore suitable for all skin types. The CBD in these products is created during production by heat input. It is recommended to only use cosmetics that consist of 100 percent pure ingredients, as additives should not strain the skin. Another quality feature of hemp products from the cosmetics sector is the organic certificate for the cultivation of the raw material.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to produce cosmetics purely from hemp without any additives. However, we recommend using products that do not contain artificial substances. Natural alternatives contain for example shea butter or tea tree oil. CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates the proliferation of skin cells. Before use, we advise you to check the ingredients and make sure that it is a tested product. It is best to buy from your pharmacist and ask for advice on the spot.

You can find out more about hemp in the cosmetics industry directly at HANFEXPO 2019.


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