Hemp Head


Why Head?


If you have ever wondered why Head Shops carry this name, we invite you to take a brief look back at the San Francisco of the 1966s. At the peak of the hippie movement, one of the first shops of its kind opened in the Haight & Ashbury neighborhood. The name of this shop was "Head Shop" and formed the basis for today's naming. The "Head Shop" was run by veteran Ron Thelin and his brother Jay. However, the shop closed a few months later due to far-reaching changes in the law which resulted in criminalisation.

What does the Head theme area include?

All smoking accessories are offered here. Producers from all over the world will present their products, from papes to tobacco substitutes to pipes. The vaporizer is a new trend that is drawing ever-increasing circles. Similar to the e-cigarette, these devices work on the basis of vaporization. No solids burn, which causes that the pollutants, which develop with the burn of materials, are omitted and do not arrive so also into the body.


Further contents as well as information to exhibitors in this topic range follow.

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