Enter Europe’s cannabis market!


Focusing on the recent development, statistics shows, that in Germany medical cannabis prescriptions have raised for 50 times in 2018. CBD-sales in Austria have increased for 44 times, based on IQVIA-data.

Hemp or cannabis raw material, is cultivated since many years in all European countries, especially used for construction, textiles, cosmetics, food and CBD. The cultivation of hemp plants, for these and more sustainable purposes is legal and easy.

In the last years a lot of cannabis shows and hemp fairs have been organized in Europe. It seems that Spain, Czech Republic and Netherlands play a major role in the marijuana development. Those three countries have decriminalized personal use of weed, and in Austria even clones and seeds are legally sold in grow shops.

In April 2019 one of the most interesting young European cannabis fairs, the HANFEXPO 2019, will take place in Vienna, the federal capital of Austria. The cosmopolitan, cultural and open-minded city of Vienna is a well chosen location in the heart of Europe. This event, is a great mixture of a cannabis expert fair with conference talks, providing a startup ecosystem and a business lounge. More than 18,000 consumers will be expected, to get informed about latest trends and developments and to buy cannabis related products, as well.

HANFEXPO 2019 is the new brand when it comes to cannabis fairs in Europe, in an industry which has already entered the global business race. Innovations from America will come over to Europe, Asia will be represented with exhibitors, and also Israel has a lot to tell from the medical cannabis perspective. Collecting great ideas expects best results and new innovations.

The time for entering the European cannabis market is great. Therefore we invite you to join HANFEXPO and start building your business here. Get in touch with us, this is a unique opportunity.

Some major facts:

- more than 19000 m2 event area, 100+ exhibitors, 18,000 visitors expected
- focusing on the rules for eco-events
- startup ecosystem
- symposium
- located in the heart of Europe – hub for East & West
- chill-out area


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